The formation of the Walkerville Bowing Club took place at a meeting in the Council Room at the Walkerville Town Hall on the evening of July 9, 1917. At this meeting there were 33 persons present.

It was agreed that a bowling club would be formedĀ and a subscription fee of three guineas per annum would be levied in the first year.

The women’s Club was formed in 1961. In 2004 the two clubs amalgamated to the one Walkerville Bowling Club in 2009 the club was changed to a community and bowling club.


Des Moran joined the Club in 1952. He represented Australia and, on 182 occasions, South Australia. He was club champion 11 times.

Betty Schenke joined the club in 1972. She represented South Australia from 1976 to 1994.

After winning the club championship at Pinnaroo 8 times Shirley Kelly joined our club in 1977. Here she was club champion on six occasions. Shirley represented both Australia and South Australia on numerous occasions.


The Walkerville bowling club offers top quality greens, a superb rose garden adjacent including gazebo and is located close to the city.